Just For Two : 02

posted on 05 Jan 2011 23:02 by ohmu in Poem
เขียนไว้นานละ แต่ลืมแปะ...
You want to go left
OK, I'll go left
You want to go right
OK, I'll go right

Now, you want to sit
Under the moonlight
So I go find the place
We could see the stars bright

But only one chair left
By the river side
Who'll sit on the chair?
Of course, we're not going to fight

Then you say 'Let's share the space'
So I say 'Well, alright'
Though, it's not that comfortable
But at least you're with me tonight.




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โอ ป้าดองไว้เป็นชาติ

But at least you're with me tonight.
big smile

#1 By iamdozenist on 2011-01-06 00:32